pros and cons

Roughly 5 full days in and I’ve started comparing/contrasting the merits of my native land and the foreign world I now roam around awkwardly.

Here’s the early quicklist…


white castle 'burger'…I’m not in Whataburger territory any longer.  Instead, White Castle [“I shall not step in the place…ever!”], Wendy’s, and Burger King [yikes!] dominate the fast food landscape.  I’ve already enrolled in grief counseling…

[exhibit A to the left: a White Castle ‘cheeseburger’]


…the locals have been overly friendly and helpful.  One couple even smiled at me.  Most simply cock their head sideways when I talk, like a puppy dog does during American Idol auditions. One notable exception is the lady at the nifty gas station/McDonald’s in Beecher. She basically stared me down and escorted me in her mind to Hades when I asked for more ice. My bad! Maybe she misheard me. I’ll give her one more shot before I start my cereal revolt.


wi-fi paradise.  Maybe I just haven’t been on the prowl for it back home, but the wi-fi options here seem endless.  The Crete Public Library [town just north of Beecher where we’re living temporarily] offers it and Panera Bread is huge here.  I’ve made both central command the better part of the week.

weather.  Perfect!  High 70’s to low 80’s.  Crisp and fall-like. Haven’t broke a sweat yet. I’ll provide another real-time weather update around Christmas time.


Shan and the girls are heading this way manana.  Thanks for remembering them in your conversations with our great God.



9 thoughts on “pros and cons

  1. yay for blogs! no whataburger? how do such places even exist? but, every time you mention the cool weather up there, i will have to mention the #1 with cheese i’m eating down here. just saying! praying for y’all.

  2. Hey nice blogging! You’re in my reader now. Good luck with the house situation, we still have one in FW too!

  3. panera bread isn’t a bad substitute for whataburger (HELLO, YUM!)!!

  4. We’ll know you are having serious Whataburger withdrawals the day you try White Castle! However, Panera Bread is great! They have the best iced green tea.

  5. Nice blog! We look forward to staying in touch. We will think of you every time we pass Whataburger. The price you pay for cooler weather is high.
    Love and prayers, Billie and Jan

  6. Don’t forget about the absence of Taco Casas on the northern landscape. We be praying for you guys.

  7. man, i’m pretty hurt!! not one, single mention of missing me…just the dang whataburger!! hmmmm…i think i’ll head there for lunch today! and maybe tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day….

  8. Hey you have not truely lived until you have eaten a 10 sack of sliders at 3:00am. I can even smell them know as I write this. Glad that your family is complete again enjoy the August weather.

    • Yeah, the fact that they call them sliders is comforting. Brings to mind other delicacies like raw oysters and sinus drainage.

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