fashion merger

Anybody know a good patent attorney?

I’m seriously thinking about going after cold-weather gear mogul The North Face with this flip-flop-ankle-sock look below.  It’s how a Texan manages the August nip here in the northland.

How does The North Foot grab you?


the north foot 2


9 thoughts on “fashion merger

  1. no thats just how he try’s to embarrass me!!! … meagan

  2. My stylish 6 yr old daughter wears socks with her imitation crocs. They look good on her and I think some people can pull it off!

    I am praying for you and your job search….it is really hard to keep going through that process over and over. I have not had that many jobs either but the move from one school district to another and a surplus to another school in Arlington really rattled me for a while. My kids were very young when all of this happened. I think it just makes me more grateful now and i try hard to live in the moment. God has a plan for you.

  3. i am officially married to a dork…what does that say about me? hmmmm…something to ponder. -shannon

  4. he`s a doorknob!!! but i love him.Lexie

  5. I’m a fan! I’m always wearing my crocs with socks. You should make the sock have an indention so that it doesn’t get squished up in the flip flop part! 🙂

  6. Hate to bust your latest business plan, but Brazilians discovered that look a few decades ago! It looks especially nice with shorts, a winter coat and sock hat!

  7. Do the socks go higher the colder it gets?

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