I’m excited to pass along the good news that I will start a new job Monday with Richardson Products, Inc.

Through a mutual friend [thanks Al!], I met Rich Richardson, founder/owner/chief guru of RPI. Rich began the company out of his home in 1989 by manufacturing a single product to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. From that simple beginning, RPI has experienced incredible growth and now designs/distributes nearly 1,300 products out of two sites in the Frankfort, IL area. To see one of the company’s latest inventions, go here.

Rich mentioned my situation to Jeff Dungan, VP of Operations, who called yesterday needing help running freight back and forth between their two sites, pulling orders, and assembling products. It’s a full-time opportunity that will give me flexibility to continue looking for other work [should the Lord be using this only for the interim] or the means to settle in at RPI and see what happens. Either way, I clearly sense the Lord’s provision in this and I’m excited to see what He teaches me in/through it.

Many thanks to all who have badgered Jesus on our behalf and, above all, I give “thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...” -Ephesians 5:20



7 thoughts on “Employed!

  1. Praise our GREAT GOD!!!!!! HE NEVER FAILS and His timing is PERFECT!!!!! I am oh so proud of you…your positive attitude and total dependence on God through all of this has amazed and blessed me beyond words….I love you dearly and will continue to pray God’s richest blessings on you, Shannon, Meagan and Lexie. Now if we can just get those houses SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ryan, as we have talked before, one open door leads to another open door which leads to another open door. I will watch and wait patiently to see what next-thing God is going to do for you. MEANWHILE, PRAISE HIM FOR PRESENT BLESSINGS.
    Big Pa

  3. GOD…Al…GOD…Ryan…GOD…Rich…GOD…Jeff…GOD…Ryan…GOD…working through a super network for employment. Richardson Products, Inc. has made a wise decision. I know you’ll be a real asset to what sounds like a quite sucessful business. CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m happy for you and look forward to these updates on the happenings of the Illinois’ Williams.

  4. So glad to hear the news! Our God is so good.

  5. Congrats on the new position. I know that God has intentionally placed you with this company for a specific purpose. Do not let that fact and purpose pass you by! Our family is keeping you Shan, Meagan and Lexie lifted up in prayer!

    I am sorry that this new job might put a cramp on your golf practice, but with the cold winter on its way it is about time for you to put up the sticks anyway!

  6. Whoo-Hoo!!! A Mighty God we serve!! Glad to hear the news!

  7. Ryan, so glad to hear our prayers have been answered for you a job.We will continue to remember you,Shannon,Megan and Lexie in our prayers.Mary &W.T.

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