weekend update

Here a few, random tidbits from the recent past…and some suggestions about how to pray for the future…

…Meagan is hitting her basketball stride [I’ll try to get some video and post it on the blog in the next week or so!]. After splitting time between the 7th and 8th grade teams the first couple of weeks [the rules here allow a player to play 4 quarters per game night, divvied up at the coach’s discretion], she’s settled into the regular rotation with the 7th graders. She’s chipping in her fair share of points and playing point guard and wing.

…After 3 years and several annoyingly consistent issues, we sold the VW Passat last night. In between visits to VW service, the car drove like a dream but a recent diagnostic test revealed another costly problem. Carmax offered more than what we owed so we took it.  I’m looking to secure a small, mid-1990’s pickup [Toyota/Nissan preferably] in good shape that I can buy outright. I’ve always wanted a truck and this will allow me to dabble with a lawn business when spring arrives here next July. If you hear about a decent truck in the $2,500 and under price range, let me know. And I’ll fly back to Texas and drive it this way if necessary…

The Alexanders have their house under contract! The buyers are jumping through the typical inspection/appraisal/etc. hoops and if all goes well, they’ll close on 10/29. Praise God!

…Shannon’s job is gaining momentum. A good week normally brings 10-12 clients and this past week she had 14! Also, she picked up a house cleaning gig recently that will provide some financial buffer.

…I’m headed to the Illinios-Penn State football game today in Champaign, IL. The owner of the company I’m working for offered me his season tickets/parking pass. Groovy! Besides an occasional TCU game and a Texas-OU game at the Cotton Bowl back in the day, I haven’t experienced much college football. Looking forward to it…

…Lexie is stringing together many ‘normal’ [her word!] days at school. She likes her teacher and her classmates and has slowly connected with a friend named Jordan. The daily review of her school experience always includes a sound-byte about the swing set at recess.

Please continue to PRAY that…

-our house sells in the Lord’s timing.

-the potential house options/transactions/resources on this end will align seamlessly…and the Lord will give us peace/patience if not!



2 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. Go Lexie, Meagan, Shannon, and Ryan!!!!

  2. I remember that TX-OU game we went to back in 1989! Same great result as this year’s game- a Longhorn victory!

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