Simple pleasures

We’re back in Texas this weekend to participate in Jeff and Taylor’s wedding. Good times with good friends straight ahead! We’ll try to post some pics of the festivities as we can. In the meantime, here are some of some of the simpler pleasures we’re enjoying along the way…

We sat two rows behind the first-class section on the trip down and the flight attendant snuck Meagan and Lexie the cookies I wrote about previously. Yummy!

Good conversations with great friends about things that matter.

Fajitas at Pappasito’s with Shannon [first bite of anything remotely Mexican since early August!]

Excursions to get nails painted and secure foo-foo wedding attire.

Half-Price books.

Daily feedings at the triangular establishment with the orange roof.

Giggly girls.

Traversing 1,000 miles via air not land.

More food, dialogue, connecting with new friends, and memory-making to come. We’ll keep you posted!



One thought on “Simple pleasures

  1. The blog about Mexican food reminded me of when we lived in Pennsylvania. We stopped at the first El Chico (think it was in Little Rock) that we came across when we made our visits back to Texas. So glad the Lord is working out your move (in His time) and the house looks great. Know ya’ll will be so glad to have space. Tell Ed & Jean hello for us. – The Summerhills

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