Right at home

Cali seems to be getting well-accustomed to her new surroundings.  This was not a pose…really. She’ll lay under the Christmas blanket for hours.

In other news, Cali has “run away” from home 3 times in our first two weeks in Beecher. It seems one unnamed caregiver keeps forgetting that [he] let her out to do her business.

The first time Meagan and I eventually found her down the road in the back of a police car. A neighbor spotted her and called the authorities [definitely a small town moment!]. The second adventure was last Saturday while we were out Christmas shopping…a group of Meagan’s schoolmates were dispatched and their search and rescue mission proved successful. Today, Cali wandered away again and was picked up by a kind soul who carried her to the town veterinarian.

Combined, these 3 episodes led the unnamed caregiver to announce that he will no longer be tending to Cali’s outdoor needs. I spoke with Cali when I got home to get her side of the story and she felt that her and Papa were really connecting. Maybe not.


So sorry we’ve neglected the blog lately. We hope to play catch-up during the holidays.


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