Snow cream

Nana, Meagan, and Lexie teamed up to gather, mix, and serve some tasty snow ice cream on New Year’s Eve. Here’s a visual recap…

Lexie went online searching for the recipe above.

Nana and Meagan gathered the core ingredient in the front yard. [posterior view courtesy of an amateur photographer!]

Fresh powder


More mixing with recipe finder

Still mixing to get the perfect taste



Another handy use of the white stuff put in play. Great times!


6 thoughts on “Snow cream

  1. I remeber eating that once, we didn’t have a dog to help finish ours. Heard the wind chill was going to -11 out your way, thinking of going golfing here today.

  2. One word for you, Mr. Banks…S-O-R-R-Y! Hit a few OB for me!

  3. hey- good to see pics of your mom and dad! I know having them there was a great new years’ treat.

    I was in Myrtle Beach for a youth conference over New Year’s, so my treat was getting Blue Bell. šŸ™‚ but alas, no whataburger.

  4. Poppy found a blade of grass in his….kinda ruined his appetite for Snow Cream!! Awwww come on Poppy!!!!

  5. at least it wasn’t … a tootsie roll… teehee ; )

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