Dad the Builder

Poppy used his handyman gifts this week to hang a set of double doors/one single door, construct a wall between the Alexander’s bedroom and sitting room, and tweak Meagan’s Science Fair project. He is an excellent, thorough, and creative carpenter who donated his talents [and tools and building materials!] to secure the Alexander wing of the house.

Thanks, Poppy, for your above-board, professional work! [And he even somewhat cleans up after himself.]

Muddin’ the wall [The name Larry Head and his drywall skills were mentioned more than once during this stage.]

French doors installed between the front entry and the bedroom

Door from sitting room into kitchen

Teamwork makes the ‘bounciness-of-a-golf-ball’ dream work

Meagan displays her hammering skills…no word yet if Poppy lost his other thumb during this swing.

Finishing touches


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