Meagan hoopster

Meagan and her Beecher Ladycats basketball team are moving quickly through their 8th grade season. The team is currently 7-3 [5-1 in conference play!] and improving each game. This weekend, they’re playing in a tournament and Meagan was one of 16 girls invited to compete in a 3-point contest.

[Quick explanation: the girls are paired up (one at each basket) and they shoot a total of 12 balls in 40 seconds or less. Each of the first 3 balls on a rack are worth 1 point and the final ball on the rack is worth 3 points. The girl with the most points moves on to the next round.]

Below is a video of the round where Meagan makes all of the 3-point balls and shoots her way into the final four!


One thought on “Meagan hoopster

  1. Great job, Meagan. Too bad Uncle Ed wasn’t there to coach you….LOL !!!

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