Who is Jesus?

Most questions have no enduring significance. Some, however, are inescapable. “Who is Jesus?” falls in the latter category.

I greatly benefitted from Ray Ortlund’s answer to this question in a sermon he gave recently. I’ve provided the opening paragraph below. You can also read the rest of the sermon if you like.

“Who is Jesus?  Who is your Jesus?  Is your Jesus as big as the biblical Jesus, or is your Jesus Jesus Jr.? Is he an overflowing fountain of mercy for your sin, or is he a drill sergeant demanding your perfection?  Is he a solid rock, or a rabbit’s foot?  Is he wisdom for every doubt, or on academic probation?  Is he sweet to your heart, or a threat to your happiness?  It’s time to rediscover real, industrial strength Jesus, according to Scripture.  He helps sinners who don’t deserve him but can have him, all of him.” 


One thought on “Who is Jesus?

  1. AMEN! Too many people have ” Down sized Jesus.”

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