Go Rangers!

Now that the mighty Texas Rangers have secured a playoff spot, I wanted to post some pics from our recent trip to US Cellular Field to watch the Rangers play the not-so-playoff-bound Chicago White Sox. This was not your typical trip to the ballpark for the following reasons:

1] I secured the tickets in April when my boss offered up his seats/parking pass to a Cubs or Sox game of my choice. When I saw the Rangers were coming to town in August, that made the decision easy…and it gave me ample time to make proper preparations.

2] To get the girls on the bandwagon, I asked Kristy to help me outfit them in Rangers t-shirts. She visited several Fort Worth area Academy stores and found some gear the girls could wear to state their loyalty.

3] Lexie decided to take her allegiance up a notch and got seriously cute with the face paint.

4] We were clearly in enemy territory! I’ve never paid much attention to how many people wear Rangers stuff to games in Arlington. But when you’re sporting Texas gear on your way into a game in Chicago, you get this creepy feeling that some drunk zero is going to try to impress his girlfriend at your expense. Thankfully, the night went off without incident and we only heard a few friendly jeers…and one lady at the concession stand thought Lexie was super cute [and she liked our accents too!].

5] We found our seats about 10 minutes before the first pitch and, before we sat down, we spotted Josh Hamilton signing autographs on the field right below us. We rushed down to see if we could squirrel our way into his line of sight but he stopped signing soon after we got close. Regardless, it was a neat brush with greatness.

In the end, the visitors came out on the short end of a 3-2 stick. Ian Kinsler hit two, solo home runs but needed one more to keep his team in the game. That didn’t happen and neither did the ugly comments I thought we might get as we briskly walked to the car. All told, it was a great night! And it’s still good to be a Rangers fan, especially during this point in the season.


One thought on “Go Rangers!

  1. Such great memories you are making! Looks like you all had a blast, what a geat dad you are Ryan.

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