300th post!

Remarkably, WordPress keeps track of how many times I’ve posted something on this increasingly obscure blog. And as the spunky title of this latest entry indicates, this is a B-I-G-G-I-E.

300 posts!

I really can’t put into words what this technological milestone means to me. Who would have known that, from humble beginnings in the back bedroom of a temporary dwelling in Crete IL, this teeny-tiny blog would have grown to serve 1-3 determined family members per day? In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined a time when a new post would wander its way onto this site every 3.5 days. Staggering.

To commemorate this achievement, I’m posting two recent pictures that highlight three ladies who bring me deep joy and hope. And no matter how many virtual awards this blog accumulates, I know I will treasure this trio above them all.


2 thoughts on “300th post!

  1. Very nice, especially the ladies. JDR

  2. aren’t you missing one special gal?? what about your bff…oh, that’s me…in case you were wondering!!

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