Our infrequent attempt to share happenings in our little world with that slice of humanity who tunes in regularly. Special thanks to that diehard trio, whoever and wherever you are!





5 thoughts on “About

  1. You will have to bring your A game for Balmoral but it was a fun course the one time I played it, so do you miss the 100 degree days yet? Don’t forget to get yourself a Italian beef sandwich there are some good places in Create if I remember right. Hope the job search pans out soon.

  2. Hey Ryan
    Praying for you buddy!


  3. Ryan….good job…it will help keep us informed about your exciting life….having said that, I preach against blogs and anything else electronically that I do not understand or can do.
    Big Pa

  4. Hey Girls you look good on the horses but after you were through you feel like you have been setting with your legs rapped around a 55 gallon barrel all day. Have a good time. PaPa

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