Yogurt Shop Wisdom


On an otherwise routine Friday night run to our favorite yogurt shop, Sweet Frog, both girls shared an enlightening insight that both stretched and dumbfounded their father.

Lexie on Bigpa: “He looks like Abraham Lincoln.” I had never made such an obvious connection. Feeling presidential Bigpa?

hunger games

Meagan on the Hunger Games Trilogy: “It was a really good waste of time.” So pleased to add another odd cultural phenomenon to that list.

A historic and cinematically perplexing experience with a side of cookies and cream yogurt.


Sure signs you aren’t the target demographic

Lou and I, always the adventuresome duo, headed out last night in search of some cheap and unique entertainment. Thankfully, family-friendly Dyer IN was hosting the second of three *free* summer concerts at Elmer Miller Park [first clue]. We arrived a bit late but just ahead of the main act, String Fever, as it stormed onstage. Though slow in some respects, both Lex and I quickly agreed that neither of us fit the intended audience. Pic and video proof below.


The dulcimers stoked our curiosity.


Throwback lawn chairs.


Just Say No to Grecian Formula section


American Cars.


American Cars with patriotic plates near Old Glory.


Decorative belt.


Red sequin go-to-dulcimer-concert cap.


Patriotic Chairs.


And if that weren’t enough, a kind gentleman gave us a handout promoting two upcoming events we should consider: Wii Bowling League (55+) and Senior Water Fitness Class.

Good times!

Ukraine bound

Katie leaves today for a 12 day trip to the Ukraine!

Through a partnership between the US-based Resource Foundation and the Aquilla Foundation, a missionary group in the Ukraine, the Occupational Therapy faculty at Governor’s State University takes a few students each year to serve children and adults with special needs. The Ukraine has universal healthcare and does not recognize many birth disorders and defects, which limits the amount of therapy an individual can receive. Also, occupational, physical, or speech therapists are not recognized healthcare providers there so those diagnosed with diseases/disorders only receive therapy from a medical doctor (and this is very basic and limited). Further, these individuals are not allowed to attend school so they live in group homes if their family cannot care for them.

The group will fly into Kiev and spend time there and in Chernivtsi [say that 10 times quickly!]. Among their varied experiences, the team will provide OT at a nursing home, a clinic for children with cerebral palsy, an orphanage, and to children who are unable to leave their homes. Above all, please pray for Katie and the group as they travel, serve, and learn.

Read more about past trips or see some pics.

Gas prices

Like poor refereeing or a James Carville soundbyte, rising gas prices always pull the angst and anxiety right out of people. Each of the past two weekends, President Obama and his Republican counterpart-of-the-week have used their Saturday radio addresses to blame each other for the current fuel spike [go here or here to browse the arguments or here to read an article from USAToday about how the US is ‘powerless’ to do anything about it].

Better yet, ponder a totally different perspective from R.C. Sproul, Jr. Here’s a quick blurb below or read the entire blog post.

“Prices are determined, ultimately, by the consumer. When prices go up, and we don’t change our behavior, we end up paying more than we’d like (which we always do. We’d all like everything we buy to be free) but not more than we are willing. When prices go up and we change our behavior, whether by car-pooling, fewer or shorter trips, or driving cars with better miles-per-gallon, we are decreasing demand. We demonstrate our unwillingness to pay x for y amount of gasoline.”

Happy motoring!

Whataburger withdrawals

I’ve worked hard to suppress my hankering [“a strong, often restless desire”] for Whataburger since moving to the other side. It’s been one of the more challenging struggles of my otherwise peachy ride. And just when I think I’ve worked through another stage of the grieving process, random people from near and far team up against me. Three people, specifically, who likely have not connected [or even met in one case!] with each other in months.

First, Margo Faulkner [shout out to the Faulkner crew in Katy TX], sends me a FB message with a not-so-subtle WB dig: “So…. What’s new with you? I had Whataburger the other day and thought of you…”

Then, old pal Scott Pruitt tosses my name into a FB comment with another distant pal, Sam Ward, in nearby Croatia: “You need to talk to Ryan Williams He’s in Chicago, but he thinks it might as well be Croatia, since they don’t have a Whataburger either.”

Finally, my sister [who recently had a birthday!] sent me the pic below. Situations like this, when Whataburger boldly ventures into unchartered territory, reopen the wounds that never quite heal.