That’s more like it!

We’ve enjoyed a very mild winter and it feels like we may be headed in the right direction.

And I always enjoy comparing what the forecasters predicted with what actually happened.

Prediction: I posted this pic from a USAToday blurb on 10/5/11.

Actual: Forget Waldo. Across much of the USA the past three months, it was “where’s winter? This is the opening tease from a 3/1/12 article in USAToday that recapped the winter that wasn’t.

No complaints on this end!


First snow 2012

It took its sweet time but it made a grand entrance nonetheless…

Thursday when I left for lunch

Blurry pics from early Friday AM. I need to invest in a snow shovel.

Winter bliss

Admittedly, most of the weather posts at this wee little blog are not flattering. Frigid temps, blizzard conditions, and salty roads just don’t bring out the inner Joel Osteen in me. However, as I type these words from the spanking new Panera Bread [5.2 miles from my apartment!] on this 7th day of 2012, the sun is shining brightly, the temperature is 33º and climbing, and the 10-day forecast looks like this…

I guess the doomsayers were wrong! And, for that, I’m grateful. And for this…

Weather envy

There are very few days I don’t think about Texas and miss it. But here’s one: when the high temp at my current zip code is 2 degrees cooler than the overnight low at my former.

And there is no need to state the obvious…I am fully aware of the bitter reversal just ahead.